Facts About Free Energy "They" Don’t Want You To Know!

We hear it all the time. Whenever gas prices go up, experts say that the demand for gas has increased considerably and that a price rise is inevitable.

They also say that despite the skyrocketing prices, gas is the only choice we have, as alternative energy solutions are not feasible.

There is only one problem with all these claims.

Every single one of them is an outright lie!

First of all, there is no energy crisis.  It is a well-orchestrated plan by oil companies to make money.  The biggest oil companies in the world – commonly referred to as Big Oil – withhold gasoline supplies from the market deliberately to increase the demand for gasoline. Once the demand increases, they increase the price and earn huge profits.

Secondly, there are a number of alternative energy solutions available today. They are clean, sustainable, and cheap.  They have been kept hidden from us for one reason alone – money.  There is big money to be made in oil.  So, no one wants to replace it with a cheaper, better alternative.  This is why every time someone comes up with an innovative idea for a clean, free energy solution, they are gagged and forced to disappear from the public eye.

Hidden Facts about Free Energy

Nikola Tesla, one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century, devised a free energy generator that could produce unlimited energy. Before he could patent it, however, his lab was burned down.

In 1981, Adam Trombly invented a zero-point energy device called the closed path homopolar machine.  Before he could patent it, he was issued a gag order by the US government. In 1989, he invented another free energy device called the piezo ringing resonance generator. His lab was raided and the device was taken away.

An inventor named John Bedini invented battery chargers that could generate more energy than they use. He was attacked and warned never to produce the chargers again.

A Canadian inventor named John Hutchison created free energy batteries that could have revolutionized the energy industry. His lab, however, was raided by the police and all his equipment were taken away.

These are not isolated incidents. The people at the highest level do not want to do anything that could displease the oil cartel.  So, they use their minions – police and military – to suppress innovative voices.

The U.S. Patent Office Conspiracy

For years, the U.S. Patent Office has withheld free energy technologies, which, if made public, could end our dependency on oil. One of the well-known examples is that of Stanley Meyer, who invented water fuel cells that could power a car. The military wanted to keep the technology a secret so that just they could use it. When things did not go as they planned, they discredited the entire theory and framed him falsely.

This is one of the many, many instances where free energy technologies have been suppressed by special interest groups.

Alternatives to Oil

One of the important things we need to realize is that our dependency on fossil fuel is not out of need, but out of greed. Our government does not encourage free energy or alternative energy solutions solely for the purpose of protecting the interests of oil giants.

For example, free energy experts say that hydrogen can be used instead of oil for transportation. They say that hydrogen can be extracted from water and used to power a car. The powers that be, unfortunately, are not interested in the idea.  After all, hydrogen powered cars could reduce the profits of oil giants who fund our politicians. So, hydrogen-fueled car remains just a theory. . . for now.

Follow the Money Trail

There is only one reason why our government does not want alternative energy solutions out in the market – money. Oil companies spend millions of dollars on lobbying efforts and have politicians in their pockets. If free energy technology becomes viable, they will not be able to make billions in profits. If they do not make money, our politicians do not get any.  It is as simple as that.  So, what we essentially have is a rotten, corrupt system that protects the interests of the ultra rich while ignoring the pains of the common man.

Is there a way out?  There may be, if we get our act together. The only thing that our government cannot afford to ignore is the voice of the masses. If we wake up from our slumber and demand free energy technology to be made public, we could bring about a change in the foreseeable future.